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You Holmes Community College accept Penn Foster high School Diploma?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on July 30, 2018

Answer 1: Penn Foster high School is regional accredited, which is exactly the same type of accreditation that any city or County in high school in the United States. Penn foster's race, diplomas and degrees in the University, on the other hand, "regional" accredited... but are still accredited Agency approved by the Ministry of Education (USDE) and UDSMA punished for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). So, therefore, Penn foster high school and career diplomas and degrees at University, is accredited by the UDSMA, and/or CEA Agency approved. Races and diplomas of the University, no matter what UDSMA and/or CHEA-approved angency credited to them. However, in secondary schools, and it is better if the school is regional accredited because most employers and colleges usually only accept diplomas the school is regional accredited schools. Penn foster understands that and so was sure that your school online is regional accredited. So, then, Penn Foster high School is regional accredited, virtually any University or employer has to accept your diploma, the same diploma what is the city or community schools of your area. Holmes Community College, it almost certainly accept Penn Foster high School diploma. However, you should always call the University and make. So they have phones, and people help to answer them. Universities are always ready to answer questions; don't be afraid to call or write to ask for them!!! Just make sure that whoever says, you realize that while Penn Foster high School is "online" high school program, however, "regional" accredited. Make sure they understand that they don't make incorrect assumptions, and then give incorrect information. .

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