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You have an old Empire Savings Bank savings account that was opened in the early 1970s in new york what bank now owns Empire Savings?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on March 2, 2019

Hello:. I've always wondered what happened with the accounts that were in the Empire Bank after it closed. I remember that I was in the second grade in Hempstead, New York and all my colleagues and I had the opportunity to open an account with Empire. Each week we will bring in our deposits and put them in a yellow / golden color envelope and give it to our teacher so that it can be deposited.. I have searched high and low to find information about the funds. Although I think that there was no major money in the account, it still would have been more appropriate to send your customers information about your settlement and how to get your money. Since I do not have any information about my personal account and I think that it would be difficult for me to claim the money if I learned how to do it. I must say, it was difficult for me as a child to process the information that the bank is closed and I could not recover my money.. However, today (7/30/08) I was on the internet trying to find out something about those funds and your question came up as one of my punches. The following is the information that I had found in my search today. I hope this is helpful to you. Please let me know if you find anything and I will post any additional information I locate as well.. "In 1980, Central Bancompany purchased Empire Bank and Mike Williamson was named President and CEO. During the past 26 years, Mike has led Empire Bank while serving actively in the community. In April 2006, Russ Marquart was named President and Mike continues as ceo and Chairman of the Board. " This entity is not related to Empire Savings Bank in New York. This bank is a Missouri entity. . "Empire Savings bank was formed as a result of a merger between Excelsior Savings Bank and Empire City Savings Bank in 1967 [1] he was declared insolvent in 1990 [2] and had 125 branches in New York , California , Florida , Michigan and Texas , in that it is the 12th-largest bank in the united States in 1989 [3] . It was said that their problems were caused by the purchase of several insolvent banks during the 1980s with the support of federal regulators. In 1992 it was sold to Ridgewood Savings Bank and liquidated in 1995 [4] " . ^ [1] NYT article . ^ [2] NYT article . ^ [3] article NYT . ^ [4] Bank of page of history." National association of Unclaimed Property Administrators: and. The new York State Comptroller: Good Luck!

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