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You are 17 found out Im pregnant your parents will let you continue to stay at home but you cant get any assistance because they exceed the eligiblity requirements they cant afford to help you pay for?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on November 11, 2018

Response . It sounds like you have to get a job if it is not your job. Talk with your family about the services and see if you are going to be eligible for assistance after the baby is born. If you don't, and their parents can't afford the luxury of that you may have to live on your own (if legally permitted) Also, do not make this baby on your own the father of this child should pay at least half of the needs that refers to the baby. You may need a lawyer if the babys' father is not involved and you have to take him to court for child support. There are agencies that can help you and talk with you about this and other particular situations related to your problem, don't be afraid to use them. Good Luck.

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