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Write the complete balanced equation for the reaction between AlF3 and CaO.

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on November 17, 2018

This will be a double replacement reaction. Let's first find out what are the products before you balance.AlF₃ + CaO --> Al₂O₃ + CaF₂Al has a cost of 3+O has a charge of 2, so that when you find what that product would be, will be one of the elements of the subscript of another charge, and that is how we come up with Al₂O₃. This is what you do for ionic compounds. Remember, an ionic compound is composed of a metal and a non metal.Find CaF₂ in a similar way. Ca has a charge of 2+ and F has a charge of 1-. Now we will balance our reaction.AlF₃ + CaO --> Al₂O₃ + CaF₂There is one calcium on the left side, and one of calcium in the right sideThere is one of the aluminum on the left side, but 2 of aluminum on the right sideThere are 3 fluorine on the left side and 2 on the left sideThere is one oxygen on the left side and 3 on the right sideThis is obviously not balanced.We can begin by adding a coefficient of 2 in front of AlF₃ so that the aluminum will be balanced.Now we're going to have2AlF₃ + CaO --> Al₂O₃ + CaF₂The of aluminum atoms are in equilibrium, and this has increased the fluorine atoms on the left side, to the 6 and have 2 fluorine atoms on the right. We can add a coefficient of 3 in CaF₂ so that the fluorine will be balanced.2AlF₃ + CaO --> Al₂O₃ + 3CaF₂We now has 1 atom of calcium in the left, and 3 atoms of calcium on the right. If we add a coefficient of 3 to CaO, we will balance the calcium.2AlF₃ + 3CaO --> Al₂O₃ + 3CaF₂You now that all the atoms are in balance. Remember that when balancing an equation, you can only change the coeffiecients, you can not change the subscripts.

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