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Write a formal persuasive e-mail to a community leader to address a social concern

Kaitlin Dean

in English

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on December 22, 2018

Cell phones should be allowed in schools because of the ban of them because it is not universally accepted as the best policy. Given that many of the phones today are essentially small computers, having access to them can improve, not inhibit, the experience of learning. For example, students can access the discussion forums, forums, and other educational institutions, online communities inside and outside the classroom to extend their learning and thinking. In addition, it allows students to use cell phones for research can save the district thousands of dollars in equipment. Through their phones students can access text books, databases and encyclopedias, all of which tend to be more up to date than their printed counterparts. On the other hand, many people argue that the access from mobile phones in schools is a distraction, since students may text instead of learn. However, it is more important that students are taught to manage their time despite of the distractions that are always going to be around them.

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