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Write a converse of the following true conditional statement. if the converse is false, write a counter example. if x>9, then x>0 A. if x<0, then x<0;false B. Counterexample: x=8 and x>0 if x<0 then, x<9; true C. if x<9, then x>9; false counterexample: x=2 and x>0 D. if x>0, then x>9;false counterexample: x= 2, and x<9

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on November 24, 2018

Answer D. if x>0, then x>9;false counterexample: x= 2 and x<9 Explanation: if x > 0, then x > 9 is the reverse statementThe contrary statement puts the part after the then as partt of the if, and the part after the if as part of the then. This way if a then b turns into if b, then.Provided that the original of the statement is true, otherwise it may or may not be true.In this case, the reciprocal is not true, and showed an example to the contrary. x =2 is greater than 0 but not greater than 9.

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