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Would chase student loans be a good choice to fund my college education?

I think am going to need a loan to fund my college education. My father is a member of Chase bank and I have overheard him speak of chase student loans. If I am not wrong, there seems to be a parent student loans program with Chase bank that he plans to try out to fund my college studies. My dad though seemed not so much enlightened about student loan things and I thought of enquiring to know more about education loans so I can advise him on this as I look for a loan to fund my education in college. Does Chase bank have an income based repayment student loans plan so I can help my dad in paying for my college?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 15, 2018

My advice to you is that, as you plan going for an educational loan, you’ve got to first exhaust all options of grants, scholarships, work-study as well as other forms of gift aid as you seek to cover the full cost of your college education. And of course these kinds of aid will not always cover everything, you’ll still have to supplement it with federal and private loans. You can still count on a chase student loan to finance your college education, Chase Student Loans comprise a variety of financial aid options. The student only needs to give options like Parents Student Loans, College Student Loans, and Graduate Student Loans. The bank also offers High School Student Loans. For any student who has exhausted other options like federal loans and or/grants, and they need more money to cover their financial deficiencies effectively, this will be a great option for them. Medical School & Health Education Loans are also included in the chase student loans program, the loans are designed to facilitate those students who are interested in the healthcare sector courses. The greatest benefit of going for a Chase student loan is that, as a borrower, you don’t have to repay the loan during the time while you are still undertaking your studies. This will temporarily give you the option to have more of your time focusing on studies and not so much on working. Other major benefits are that the borrower doesn’t have to pay any kind of repayment organization fees, and the total amount borrowed is dependent on the total cost of study plan.

For a high-schooler who is transitioning to adulthood and having college just around the corner, I know financial emancipation is not yet come of age. You don’t have to worry anymore because Chase bank has a plan for you in many ways. The bank has a parental student loan option which allows parents to play a major role in securing financial help and underwriting their child’s college education. The first step the parent has to undertake is filing a form requesting financial help from the U.S. Government, the The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) compiles data on the family finances to determine how needy the student is at his/her particular school. Chase bank offers flexible repayment options that allows students to address their financial debt with flexible terms, if  you check on its federal student loans for example, there is a student loan income-Based Repayment Plan that takes into consideration each participant’s income level. Payments of the debt are structured to represent only up to 15% of each borrower’s discretionary income. Payment amounts however change whenever the income rises to allow the borrower extend their payments over 25 years.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Sure, Chase bank offers quite a wide variety of student loan programs. I once benefited from them when I was caught up between juggling kids, my career and college courses at the same time, I applied for their Single Parent Student Loan option which is reserved for working adults and parents. And by the way, apart from this one, they also provide private loans for students up to three categories including undergraduate, graduate and health professions, with each of these types having their own rules and rates. If you are a member of Chase bank, it is very easy to link other accounts with your student account. And by the way, Chase is one of the most common banks out there in the Northeast, if you ever have a burning issue with bank statements and want to speak to any of their customercare face to face, then you’ll be in a better position to be helped in one of their thousands of branches.

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