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WORTH 20 POINTSMatch each neoclassical work with its characteristics. #1 The rape of the lock #2 A modest proposal Characteristic options: An essay, a mock-heroic epic, deals with cannibalism, introduces "sylphs" as guardian spirits, not a satire, criticizes the exploitation of Ireland, criticizes impulsive nature, criticizes the English upper class, playful tone, remorseful tone, matter-of-fact tone, written by Alexander Pope, written by Johnathan Swift, written by Daniel Defoe,

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 4, 2018

#1 The rape of the lock a mock heroic epic, enter "sylphs" as guardian spirits,playful tonewritten by Alexander Pope,#2 A modest proposalAn essaycriticizes the exploitation of Irelandmatter-of-fact tone,written by Johnathan Swift

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