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Wind carrying sand grains deposits the sand when the wind a. speeds up. b. crosses a depression in the ground. c. slows down or hits an obstacle. d. cools after nightfall.

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on November 10, 2018

The correct answer is (c). slows down or hits an obstacle.The sand grains are mostly collected and distributed by means of strong winds. Once you begin to lose speed and come to some high mountain range is slow and there is not enough strength in them to carry the grains of sand to fall. The force of the wind is a factor that determines the size of the distance of the grains of sand will be transported. Example to slow down and deposit: the grains of sand of the Sahara travel with the winds across the Atlantic Ocean and reach the Amazon rainforest, and when they reach it, the thick cover of high trees slows down the wind, and the sand grains are deposited.Example of an obstacle, and deposit the grains of sand in the Sahara are transported through Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea, across the low flat region of Macedonia, in Greece, and hitting the Belasica and Kozhuf mountains on the border with the Republic of Macedonia, they slow down considerably and deposit the grains of sand near the city of Gevgelija.

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