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Will you do my homework?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on January 29, 2019

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. Here's why: . Plagiarism is illegal - you can get a failing grade, be expelled from school, lose your job, and even have to go to court and pay huge fines if you are caught. . Cheating is immoral - that is not going to help us do something that we all know is wrong. . Deception hurts - when you copy something, you never learn how to do the work yourself - then, when you have your next assignment or exam, you will fail because you do not learn the work when you were supposed to. . There is a lot of HELP so that you don't need to try to cheat. If you ask anyone on this site to help you learn how to do the job, they will. If you go to the task of helping the sites, which have the guardians. If you use a search engine, you can find definitions, facts, and quick information. It is too easy for you to do the work yourself, without cheating.

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