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Will you be able to get into a good college if your GPA was 1.5 your freshman year but it was 3.8 your sophomore and junior years?

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on May 30, 2018

Your cumulative GPA will be lower due to your first year, but what you have going for you is that you acknowledge that you do not meet your potential, took steps to correct It and got it. Grades are realied to heavily when colleges look at prospective students, but also what is the character and a pattern of responsibility and potential. I don't worry too much if you keep your grades. Extracurricular activities also in the registry look very good. I was in this same situation in high school. I started in the first semester of first year of high school with a 1.6 gpa, but I have repeated a course and join the following years, and finished high school with a 3.3 gpa. I just finished my first semester at the University of Northern Iowa with a 3.8!

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