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Will I benefit much from the AACTE conference?

I am much interested in knowing what I will gain from attending the 2019 AACTE conference. And, before you start wondering why I am planning for something that is so many days away, here is my reason. I jetted back to the country after the 2018 annual meeting had ended.

My colleagues had good things to say about the event, and this glowing tribute is what has prompted me to seek out information on the AACTE meeting and other related education events. Anyway, for now, please tell me the importance of this conference.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 15, 2018

AACTE is an acronym for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. This organization is the leading advocate and supporter of educator preparation. This group represents an excess of 800 post-secondary establishments by providing multiple approved programs that seek to prepare educators. These courses are of high-quality and are informed by facts and evidence. Therefore, going through one of the programs provided by AACTE makes one fit to teach learners effectively.

This organization plans and holds AACTE conferences annually. These meetings seek to provide useful information to educators to help them in their practice. People who attend the event get to enjoy the following fantastic benefits:

  • They Expand Their Networks

Going to AACTE annual meetings provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with other professional educators. Moreover, these events allow you to make necessary connections with various players in educator preparation. Such interactions are quite helpful in expanding your professional network thus keeping you in the loop whenever opportunities come up.

  • They Communicate Their Views

This education event provides the best platform for you to raise your concerns, ideas, and thoughts regarding the educator preparation process. Member suggestions inform most of the changes implemented by AACTE. These events allow you to provide feedback and recommendations on the adjustments that you wish to see in the sector.

  • They Get Information On Professional Development

These meetings avail you with necessary pre-conference workshops, seminars, and much more. Such sessions act as places where you can get to learn about the new developments in your field thus offering the much-needed boost to your career.  

Furthermore, attending these gatherings allows you to learn about the various professional development courses you need to take now. You will get to know about the locations where you can go to for these classes. You will also learn about the multiple online development courses you can take to stay abreast of developments in educator preparation.

  • They Learn

Another significant benefit of attending an AACTE meeting is that you will learn a lot. There are lots of presentations and proposals that you will come across during the convention. These displays and documents offer new information regarding various aspects of educator support.

You will also learn new things from your interactions with other educators. This information can be quite useful in enriching and informing your practice. Thus, I suggest that you go to the conference with an open mind and be ready to grasp new details. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

In addition to the above, some other benefits of attending the AACTE conference are:

  • It allows you to meet your peers

Finding someone that you can relate to in as much as your views and thoughts regarding your work go is no easy feat. Interacting with fellow staff on regular days can be quite a challenge due to various constraints that come with modern life such family and work.

Attending the meeting helps you remedy such cases. They provide you with a forum where you can meet, greet, and exchange thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals. Thus, in this event, you will be able to express yourself more freely and get the answers that you seek concerning preparing yourself efficiently as an educator.

  • Informs you of the latest developments

There are many new developments in as much as educator issues go. Only by attending these meetings will you learn about these happenings. 

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