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Will doing a career path quiz now help in job aptitude evaluation in future?

I’m considering doing a career aptitude test for adults to know if I truly fit in the engineering industry. I should start applying for college any time now, and I just want to be sure of my choice. As I want to specialize in mechanics, I’m aware of the mechanical aptitude test for employment. I’d like to know if a career path quiz can help me practice aptitude tests I’ll encounter once I begin job seeking. Anyone with experience on this matter is welcome to give input.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Justin Parker on August 17, 2018

No, mechanical aptitude tests are entirely different from what you may think. They are designed to test qualified engineers rather than aspiring engineers. Employers in the mechanical engineering field use these tests to evaluate a potential employees understanding in specific areas of mechanics. These areas may include levers, gears, pulleys, electrical circuits and such like areas.

At this moment, no one expects you to have this kind of knowledge when you straight from high school. You will learn all these concepts in your years in college. Right now, it is too early to worry yourself about these aspects. However, it is still advisable to know what to expect in your chosen career. Plus, knowing the existence of these tests for employment can motivate you to study harder in your course. You can set your long-term goals and how you will achieve them early.

Career path quizzes, on the other hand, will help you make the right career decision. There is a false perception that these tests are for those who are yet to figure out which careers they want to do. They are more beneficial if you already have a rough idea of areas that interest you. You will know if your abilities reflect what is needed to be successful in mechanical engineering. Plus, you can find more alternatives suitable for you.

Test questions in these assessments focus on evaluation your aptitudes, skills, interests, and traits. Aptitudes refer to the natural abilities/talents you possess. Skills, on the other hand, are the competencies you have gained over time. Interests are your preferences or the things you like doing. Career personality tests are responsible for testing your character traits and matching them to jobs.

Once you finish your studies, you can try aptitude tests for practice. Engineering is known as one of the most challenging professions. Therefore, expect the aptitude testing to be complicated too. A lot of preparation is needed to ensure you achieve favorable consideration for the specific job you will have applied. They are several resources online for this purpose.

For now, you can try these career aptitude tests for adults:
• The Princeton Review career quiz
• Open Colleges personality quiz
• Career quizzes from
• Career Fitter career quizzes

All these are good options for career testing. They will not cost you anything. However, Career Fitter has a paid and free version. Let them help make that big career decision.

Craig Stewarta year ago

I want to add something concerning mechanical aptitude tests. Mechanical engineering is a demanding career and employers these days are not ready to risk employing half-baked graduates. Therefore, finishing your course and graduating doesn’t guarantee you a job, leave alone a lucrative one. If you want a mechanical job that will pay you well, you need a lot of practice to ace these aptitude tests.

The best way to prepare is to start early. Once you begin your classes, create your schedule for study and practice. Do not pass a concept without fully understanding it. Also, there is lots of support and help you can get from your educators. Use it now as you will not have access to such once you graduate. Another thing is to check out these tests early to note the kind of areas tested and study them. Do not wait to learn everything in class.

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