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Will A patient with type II diabetes require daily insulin injections on a regular basis?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on September 20, 2018

Some Type 2s don't require insulin; some have success with oral meds; still others remain medication free and keep your blood glucose levels under control with lifestyle changes (read: diet and exercise). If a Type 2 can decrease or eliminate the insulin depends on several factors: 1) if you are willing to test their sugar levels often to determine how carbohydrates affect them (this can be up to 12 or more times per day during the initial period of the realization of the stage); 2) if they are then willing to adjust your intake of carbohydrates based on their glucose meter readings ; and 3) if you have significant beta cell damage, in which case, your metabolism is beyond your ability to correct itself without the help of medication. Always remember: ALL carbohydrates (even good ones) turn into sugar and raise glucose levels in the blood. As effective self-treatment will involve a reduction in their consumption. And for what it's worth, the ADA dietary guidelines (45%-65% of calories from carbohydrates) are way too high for me.

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