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Why were black people hated so much?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 2, 2019

They were foreign and the plantation owners needed many many workers to work cheap or free. the exchange of the Africans guns for prisoners of war or criminals. from the slavicis treated so badly on the plantations the hatred grew and people looked down on them, because they worked in the plantations. Originally, Africans were not so much hated as exploited. The europeans were in a position to enslave Africans, and so Africans became treated as another form of domestic animals, of the property of people who thought themselves to be superior to that of animals or of people of their property. After the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, the European-Americans said that african americans have the same legal rights they do, and should be treated as people rather than as pets. Some people resented it deeply, because it would mean that their previous beliefs and actions were wrong, and people don't like to be wrong. Another way of looking at this is, by hating blacks, whites retroactively justify all the injustices that they have inflicted on black people. In addition, people are often motivated by a rather atavistic sense of tribalism. They seek the benefit of their own tribe, at the expense of other tribes and ethnic groups are the modern equivalent of the tribes. The blacks are of hatred and resentment by the whites because the blacks hate the whites and blame them for their place in society. Through A large part of the Afro-American, and that the life they are told that whites are responsible for oppressing them. When in truth, it is her, usually without success, the behavior that is to blame. But what makes this incorrect behavior? Although there are smart blacks and stupid whites, a multitude of studies have shown that blacks, on average, have a 15-20 point lower iq than whites. For the same reason, whites have a 3-5 point iq lower than that of the Asians. In today's modern society dear intellect, more than anything else, determines the kind of profession or work, a person will be able to keep. Clearly a better paying job that leads to greater prosperity. Contrary to what the politically correct among us would have you believe, the reality is that differences in races includes more than skin color; the most significant difference is intellect. Until we move beyond political correctness and accept this, black people still hate white people as they believe that whites are oppressing them. This hatred of the whites manifested as the general mistrust of whites and a high rate of black-on-white violent crime. This in turn leads to hating the white to the black.

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