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Why was the period of the Yuan dynasty so important?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Donald Ward on June 30, 2018

The period of the Yuan Dynasty was so important because theMongols, lead by Kublai Khan, conquered China. Kublai Khan declaredhimself to be emperor of China, so the Yuan Dynasty was considereda successor of the mongol Empire and Chinese dynasty. Kublai Khan took jobs from the Chinese and replaced it withpeople knew who did the same work in Mongolia, in place thanemploying people more capable for the job. The Mongols liked tofight wars and expand their empire, but the Chinese were lessinterested in the war. Some Chinese people do not like how the Mongolsalways went out to fight a war and as never relaxed. Therewas some of the good things that happened during the Yuan Dynasty,although it, too. The Mongols adopted the Chinese culture and the philosophies likeConfucianism. They have respected the ways of the Chinese. The Chinesealso adopted Mongol culture.

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