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Why was British Columbia named British Columbia?

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on April 30, 2019

British Columbia was the name given to the mainland colony, which existed separately from the colony of Vancouver Island. It had previously been known as Caledonia and hadn administered by the hudson's Bay Company. The original proposal for the name of the mainland part of the colony was Columbia, after the name of the Columbia River. Queen Victoria decided, almost at the last minute, add the word "British" to the name of the new colony. The united states had cast covetous eyes on the territory north of the 49th parallel. His Majesty intended to send a clear signal to the government of the united states that any attempt to steal British territory would not be tolerated. The mainland colony was named British Columbia, and that the name was retained when the colony of Vancouver Island was merged with it. The colony of British Columbia entered Confederation July 20, 1871, and is now the Province of British Columbia.

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