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Why study abroad when I can get vocational training in my country?

I think every country has a way of designing their educational programs to meet the needs of their society. It is amazing how some students, who find reasons to study abroad, pursue the programs with zeal ignoring the ones their countries offer. My question of ‘why study abroad’ emanates from the fear I have concerning the hostility that could arise in the foreign country. I can only consider studying abroad if I am certain of the reliability of the institutions hosting international students. Furthermore, I would want to know if the benefits of studying abroad outweigh those of studying in native countries.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on April 6, 2018

The ‘why’ of studying abroad is complex and exciting. I believe various people have different reasons why they would prefer studying abroad to studying in their native countries. While enrolling in learning institutions in your native country is good, the additional value of studying abroad is immeasurable. I struggled to accept the fact that studying abroad is better than studying in one’s own country. The exchange program I had in school motivated me to enroll for a bachelor degree abroad. The reason to study abroad could be numerous, but I will share my experience, which could help you have a grasp of what it feels to study abroad.

Some of the advantages of studying abroad include:

  • Opportunity for personal growth. I had never been as confident as I was when I completed my study program abroad. I knew the training and experiences I had in a foreign country had given me better reasons to be above my colleagues who studied in my native country. My confidence and independence had grown significantly.
  • Increased internal comprehension. While each country has a unique way of doing things, it is always advantageous to learn how various countries operate. Studying abroad helped me gain a clear understanding of how global markets operate. In fact, new doors opened, and I was able to cease them with the confidence I had.
  • Cross-cultural skills. One of my reasons to study abroad was to learn new cultural backgrounds. My experiences revolved around learning other cultures and learning how to handle people with different cultural backgrounds. Since I majored in cultural studies, studying abroad helped me to have sufficient knowledge and experience of various cultures.
  • Increased opportunities. I learned that most companies across the globe prioritize students who have studied abroad and gained quality education from renowned universities globally. This benefit of studying abroad makes people pursue the study abroad programs with zeal.
  • International friendships and professional networks. The new friends I made while studying abroad are still close to the date. Through our interaction, I get to know the latest events in the global marketplaces and good job opportunities.

These, among other reasons, can help you make a decision on whether to study abroad or not. I believe you can identify with one of them. Overall, studying abroad is a great opportunity to cease. You could be afraid of the institutions of residents that host international students. Your fears can be resolved as soon as you get to learn how wonderful and hospitable the citizens of your new country can be.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I concur with the various reasons to study abroad that people express. There are many benefits of studying abroad including interacting with new people and enjoying new experiences in a foreign country. Enrolling in a course in one of the best universities in the world would make the whole experience thrilling. While this may be a good thing to desire, it could also work against the expectations of an individual regarding education. I know some students who value education, and they would be dormant when it comes to exploring the world and enjoying social activities. As a result, studying abroad is only beneficial as along it helps you achieve your ambitions. If I were a preservative person who loves studying and exploring new concepts professionally, I would find it boring to enroll in a school that capitalizes on social activities, environmental and cultural exploration. I think studying abroad would be a waste of time if one does not identify the right program and institution to meet his or her goals.

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