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Why study abroad instead of just enrolling in a local university?

My daughter cleared high school last year and I hope that she is going to join college next year. However, I have not decided what institution is better for her or an excellent course that she could enroll in. I spoke to some relatives who told me that its better if I took her for studies abroad which left me with more questions. Why study abroad when there are thousands of good colleges around? I researched on the benefits of studying abroad to identify what colleges are available. My findings were that most colleges abroad are hosting international students. I want the best for my daughter, and anything that will get her to attain international standards is highly welcome. I humbly request anyone with more details about the programs to comment below. Thank you in advance.

Timothy Norman

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 17, 2018

It is great that you are dedicated to making your daughter’s future better. There are many colleges even at the local level that are ready and willing to host international students. I think it is crucial that you involve your daughter in these plans. This involvement will make her understand what colleges offer which might help her in making a sound decision on the course she wants or the country she would like to go for her studies.

Reason number one why studying abroad is a privilege for students is the nature of education in the host country. This mode makes the learning process enjoyable as you gain not only the coursework but also the culture and diversity of the new place. This new form of education could assist the student to understand things better than when the learner study at a local university.

Secondly, one broadens the scope of their career opportunities through the networks created abroad. After being in a new environment for the academic calendar, one can change a lot of things about themselves including their mindset. During the course, one gains language skills, new perception towards culture diversity and life, and lastly, willingness to learn which is an admirable character which employers look for in employees. A student who has done their studies abroad has higher chances of getting a job than one who studied locally.

Equally important, is the network one creates through new friends. Through new friends, your daughter could extend her network. New friends could help in job search and career progression. These international friends could share ideas which might positively change her life. The ideas could be entrepreneurial or of investment nature which could eventually turn your daughter into a renowned business person. Moreover, there are other ideas which can be essential to one’s life such as better lifestyles, marketing strategies, and insights on various topics.

Another benefit of studying abroad is life experiences. These life-changing moments make people able to adapt to every type of environment. International students have exhibited a persistent attitude, are diverse, and show acts of confidence in things they do. Unlike local studying, foreign studying is better in more than one way as discussed above mainly due to the opportunities it brings along with it.

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I will agree that studying abroad is great. I also think that you should take her abroad but involve her since it’s her decision to make. You can only enable her to make an informed choice by explaining the benefits of studying abroad.

A factor that affects scholars seeking international studies in foreign lands is they do not have the real financial cost outlay picture when analyzing abroad studies. Since in a new environment one not know many people to turn to incase of a financial problem, I suggest that you do enough research before enrolling in an abroad program. I also advise you go through the institutions’ reviews. Here, you can tell easily the kind of services offered as well as whether students are satisfied or dissatisfied with the education offered in the institution. Use this knowledge to choose the best college.  

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