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Why study abroad?

What are the benefits of studying abroad? I have been thinking of studying abroad but all I see are the downsides. To start with, language barriers exists in most of the countries am thinking of I may not meet the level of fluency that is expected of me if was for instance expected to speak Spanish. The thought of not having my family and friends beside me scares the hell out of me. Transportation, bills, expenses of hosting international students and tuition fees seem to total up to a high figure if one studies abroad. So why study abroad?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 25, 2018

I am enthusiastic about studying abroad. I have a blog where I post stories and advice on studying abroad. I will lead you through reasons for studying abroad and why I feel that everyone should do so.

Among the studying abroad benefits, one thing I understood on my first abroad trip is that you can’t learn your culture unless you are out of it. When on my trip abroad I learned that things that I was used to and thought were normal were actually part of an upbringing and culture. A new angle can only be seen by interacting with people of a different culture, environment and upbringing.

Trips to far places and being on amazing adventures make you go out of your cocoon faster than anything out there. Going on a journey in a foreign country makes you learn moreabout yourself, your boundaries, your weaknesses, your strengths and your limits.

Why go study abroad? you get the opportunity to question things that seemed okay to you before. You get to see other people do things better than in your home country. Every society is special in a way. The higher education systems of different countries work differently. The US education system is for instance different from that of the UK. While the UK’s system offers more focus and independence, the system of higher education in the US offers less of that.

Since the hosting of international students is quite different from what you are used to locally, you will get a completely different experience which will make your trip amazing. Besides, the more you go out of your way, the more you get to learn. Abroad studies present a set of challenges, wonderment, and obstacles perfect to make you grow.

Students who go abroad get benefits of abroad studying; they acquire valuable lessons and experience that makes them valuable in the eyes of employers. Your application will be readily accepted since not many students can boast of having studied abroad. Do you want to stand out in the feared process of application that is coming in the future once you are through with school? Go and study abroad even if it’s for a semester or an academic year. Have the experience of a lifetime and then after you are back home let the escapade place you ahead of competitors in the world of business.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I am in agreement with the above answer. The world is becoming smaller. Globalization is making people more connected than they ever were. Whereas those before us lived blissfully not aware or affected by events taking place in India or economic trends in Europe, we cannot ignore things happening around us. We are living in a world that is more globalized; people are interdependent and more connected. Everything happening around us has an impact on the economy, security, climate, culture and politics at home. We cannot get away with ignorance about things happening in other countries. Why study abroad now? Soon you will be tied up with a job, spouse and family and you will be unable to travel since you won’t have time. You should go now when your university is encouraging you to do so and assisting you to step out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect time for an adventure.

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