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Why should I pursue an online it degree being a manager?

I am an experienced manager of a business organization, but I do not have a background in IT. There is a need to pursue greater IT knowledge. I am thinking of pursuing an online it degree in order not to compromise with my current job obligations, being a full-time employee, I can squeeze some time for online degree programs. As a manager, I am required to work with computer-related activities of the company. I have to ensure close supervision of IT workers, oversee occasional systems and software upgrade; this will require me to be updated with the best online degrees.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 22, 2018

World economy and culture have increasingly become dependent on information technology, and without doubt, IT has never been as crucial as it is currently. There is a continued exponential growth in demand of IT professionals, who are qualified for operating, repairing and troubleshooting. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  indicates that occupations that are related to IT are projected to have an increase of 12% within the period 2014 and 2024. This percentage increase is a result of increased volume of cloud computing, needs in the technology sector for mobile computing and large data. This has caused an increase in the IT degrees offered online. With the continued growth in the market demand, IT-related careers have continued to gain momentum. On the part of employers, they are ready to offer high salaries for experts in IT.

The number of students choosing to undertake IT degree programs online is increasing every other day. The major cause of course is a result of how flexible and affordable distance learning can be. These degree programs are designed to help learners get equipped with problem-solving skills which they can use to pursue their passions while building great technological careers. Pursuing a specialty in IT will give you an opportunity to gain a strong foundation on vital technologies and IT technical skills. As a manager pursuing Information Technology, you will get a wide range of business education with the bachelor’s degree when it comes to the Technical Management part. You will be better placed after gaining working and certifiable basic skills of networks and configuration. A good online degree in IT will enable students to understand how to identify and stop security threats. Most importantly, you will learn planning strategies and principals of management involving information tech infrastructure. A bachelor’s degree in IT is meant to train a student to be able to blend computer science with the practical topics in technology management that is very important for administering a professional role in IT. IT students are supposed to gain skills of critical thinking as well as having a better understanding of culture. A bachelor’s degree covers a variety of topics dealing with business-level information systems. Some of these major classes include UNIX administration, project management, networking, and telecommunications, among others. IT is a wide field, and these programs require that a student pursue a particular specialty in the wide field.

Larry Warren2 years ago

An online it degree is the same as a traditional college degree. Feedbacks from the students who have gone through online programs show that the overall quality of an online program ensures its legitimacy. Employers currently place a lot of weight on the reputation of the IT program, apart from the work experience and knowledge portrayed by the one applying for a job. Employers in the mid-2000s did not seriously consider online IT degree programs. However, it has changed considerably over the time as well- known universities have developed web-based learning to offer online degree programs in IT. Though some employers value human interaction that is provided by on-campus programs. On the other hand, online learning programs teach students how to virtually collaborate with other students around the globe. There is some sense that in the future when those comfortable with online degree programs get management positions, the employers’ point of view will shift to a more favorable one.

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