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Why should I opt for online MBA degrees?

As a college graduate, it did not feature on my priority list to go back to school for MBA, four years spent on a Bachelor’s degree seemed an eternity for me. Though a senior colleague of mine keeps insisting that I should consider online MBA degrees. Why should I make another 2-year investment for an online accounting degree? Our company has been operating under losses, I am thinking of how I can make it profitable and are there fast online degrees offering MBA to help me solve this problem?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 23, 2018

An MBA curriculum deals with different functions and all sorts of activities in an organization. As a student of MBA, you will understand how businesses make and grow money. Most importantly, you will learn how to make a company profitable. And considering you are a full-time employee, then an MBA degree online will be ideal for you. Statistics and accounting are the major things you are going to learn as a student of MBA, budgeting and reading financial statements are essential skills that any business manager should possess. When coming up with strategies and future plans of an organization, the science of probability while forecasting the future in statistics is a vital skill. You can undertake an MBA degree to primarily develop your managerial skills. It is young professionals with two years and above working experience that make up the majority of MBA candidates. It is within human nature to rise up to a certain competitiveness, learning an MBA or one of its specializations will enable smooth running of an organization as you get to learn how to manufacture, advertise and sell the company’s product, keeping the organizations finances, ensuring a positive image of the company, gathering and interpreting industry data and hiring the right people.

You get to freely access a large business network as a student of MBA; you get exposed to great business networking opportunities. You will get to improve your business management capabilities with other colleagues and professors. Undertaking an MBA, you create chances of owning a company from scratch. The MBA will enable you as a candidate to gain priceless knowledge and business ideas that are important to start a new business. In fact, many graduates of MBA finally start their own businesses, and hence, you can raise your chances of becoming your own boss. If you decide to make time for an accounting degree online, you will open the door for unlimited career opportunities. As a graduate of MBA or accounting, you will most likely meet higher chances of getting high-level management posts in an organization. More than 50% of these graduates globally will be found in senior managerial positions or on the board of directors. Apart from bringing a deeper pay, these positions also come along with greater responsibility and longer working hours. By undertaking a quick online degree in these fields, you can enjoy these benefits as well.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

I agree, taking an MBA brings great privileges. For instance, if you decide to pursue your MBA abroad, you will enjoy the experience of new places and different cultures in the course of your study period, and you can develop new perspectives on how businesses are handled. You will also have an experience of living in a different country and without doubt, your cultural and intellectual perspective will be broadened.  You can find organizations that you may be interested to work for, you can make plans on meeting with potential employers, after which you can stay to work for them when you graduate or you can build your own business as well. An individual who decides to move from being employed to working for themselves will find out that an online MBA degree qualification will offer them a high sense of credibility, whoever does business with such a person will be inclined to do business because such a person is regarded as an expert in the field.

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