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Why should I make a self improvement plan?

I have heard of self improvement plan. I came to hear about this last year in my high school. Is it something about improving your work ability or personality? Some people say that it helps improve job prospects. Is it true? Can you provide me some information on the benefits of having a plan for your personal development? From where can I find personal development skills examples? Also, I would like to learn how to develop a plan for my self-development. Are there some useful courses or websites to help me in this regard?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on February 8, 2018

The purpose of plans for self improvement is to allow an individual to get more knowledge about one’s real self and become more self-dependent in life by exploiting one’s real potential and making the maximum out of the right opportunities. This personal development plan is useful in both personal and professional lives.

Your self development plan usually involves four stages: identifying your strengths and weaknesses, planning by prioritizing needs, improving the problem areas through various means like workshops, online courses, books and so on, and reviewing the outcome and establishing new goals.

Having your personal development plan helps in a number of ways.  Firstly, it helps you to be more self-aware. The benefit of this awareness is that this will allow you to set the right goals according to your capabilities. This ensures that your chances of success in future are higher than having some goals which are remotely connected to your resources. In addition, having a personal development plan is a great way to stay motivated because you know what you are doing and you love doing it. When you know how beneficial your work is for your future, you will stay motivated and never feel tired or bored.  

Another obvious advantage is that personal development plans keep you focused. When you have a clear idea as to what are your priorities, you are able to channelize your effort, energy and time in the right manner. That makes your life a lot easier and more satisfying. Along with this, you have a chance to prioritize the tasks in front of you and give more attention to the ones which are important in your life.

Don’t know how to start with personal development? Don’t worry. Just google the term ‘personal development’ and you will get thousands of results instantly, showing various examples of personal development skills. Or, visit the nearest bookstand and you will see many books dealing with the same subject. If you love online courses, you can find thousands of them. For example, coursera offers hundreds of courses on personal development from different universities, which you can learn from the comfort of your home. Similarly, you can find a number of courses from different quality education providers at edX, a popular online learning platform. If you are interested in coursera or edX, visit their sites to get more information about the available courses. Best of luck.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Hi, I am pursuing a course Self-Assessment-Developing Your Strengths from edX. This course is offered by Fullbridge. The course will take a total of four weeks and its price is $60 USD. The course syllabus includes four sections: know your professional self, navigating the workplace, career goals and mapping, and final assessment and course recap. I have found this course very interesting and informative at the same time. I have learnt how to develop self improvement plan, how to understand my own work style preferences, how to collect useful feedback in a way that promotes my work performance, how to communicate ambitions effectively in career vision statement, how to survive in stressful workplace settings, how to handle conflicts, how to show resilience and a number of other important subject areas. The beauty of this course is that it is all free for you. And by spending $ 60USD, you will get a world class certification from FullbridgeX. Of course, this is not the only course out there. Just google it out.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

It is very important to prioritize your personal development, especially as a student. Life always brings different circumstances that will require your knowledge and critical thinking. You will face new challenges, and you will have to be highly adaptable to achieve new goals. A college life is a perfect example of this. It takes a self improvement plan to be able to handle challenges and pressure that come from those constant assignments and term papers. I had to visit websites and read books to improve myself lead a balanced college life. I still set goals for myself every day so I can meet all deadlines and do my work well. 

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