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Why should I get an online education degree?

I have been thinking of going back to school to advance my college degree. I am also working a full-time job, and I have been considering joining an online masters program. A colleague offered to help me come up with a few suggestions for good online teaching degree programs although I am not convinced that online learning is for me. I would appreciate any insight on the upside of online education and why I should consider it rather than traditional classes. I like any information that presents the upside of online education degree.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Daniel King on May 23, 2018

I finished my two-year masters degree online at the end of the last year. When my friend suggested online learning at first, it was not something I would go for. I took time to learn more about online degree programs, and I learned that they had as much as other degree programs offer. Online degrees have become common such that many universities are incorporating online learning system into their curriculum. These universities offer an opportunity for students to take their courses online. Some of the following reasons why you should consider taking your education degree online are:

  •    Taking an online degree is as efficient as taking regular classroom courses. Several studies have shown that students learning inline tend to perform well just like other students. This means that you will achieve the same learning results as other classroom students. You will be provided with the same course units and syllabus as any other student.
  •    You will find that online learning provides a suitable course setting for students with impairments and cannot handle face-to-face interactions. These students can have academic discussions online just like in a traditional course setting. Online learning also favors learners with physical, and behavioral challenges. The adaptive technologies employed in online degree programs are suitable to cater for the needs of these individuals.
  •    Regardless the time and your geographical location, you can pursue a  teaching degree online. Online degree programs allow people to learn from anywhere even with a busy schedule. Online degree programs offer students flexible course programs
  •    University online degrees offer students a personalized learning system where instructors employ different modes of teaching to meet the needs of students. Teachers incorporate different media and simulations to teach content to learners while accommodating their unique academic needs.
  •    Teachers find ways to enhance the learning of online students by motivating them. Using technologies to develop games, social media and mind teasers, teachers use these to facilitate the learning process for students.
  •    As an online student, you also get to enjoy the facilities of the institution. You have full access to the university's source material. You will be able to access study materials from the online school library at any time.
  •    Online students have control over their studies; they have the upper hand in setting their study schedule. Online students master self-discipline since they stick to the schedule they set for their study even without a controlled surrounding. 

Jordan Soto2 years ago

As a person who has been undertaking online education degree for the past one year, I agree that this learning program is highly efficient. Although online programs do not involve face to face classroom, they nurture the learner's interpersonal skills. Online students have an opportunity to participate in class discussion boards online. All students also have an equal opportunity to participate in these discussions. Students also receive individual attention from their instructors. In case of any questions you can directly contact the instructor through email, and they will get back to you with a response or solution. Online degree programs allow students to keep track of their learning process where they can log on to the school portal to check on their academic progress. As a full-time mother with a busy schedule, I have been able to save travel time and travel expenses to a learning institution due to online classes. As a result, I have enough study time, and I can also continue to tend to my children without forgoing my studies. 

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