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Why should I enroll in a Stanford online masters degree program?

I recently completed my undergraduate degree program in Economics and I am planning to enroll in a Stanford online masters degree program in business administration. I want to know why Stanford online graduate programs are better when compared to others. In addition, I will appreciate so much if someone can educate me regarding how long students should study before being awarded Stanford online degrees. I really need to understand why it is advantageous to pursue a college online class as well as how much can I pay for Stanford online certificates and as such, any useful information will be very much appreciated.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on June 25, 2018

Why should you enroll in online master’s degree at Stanford University? This is a question with so many answers. First of all, Stanford Uni is a world-class institution with a reputation that not only resonates within the boundaries of the United States but also in the whole world.  It is an Ivy League college with state-of-art learning facilities. For certain, it has been consistently ranked in the top ten overall best universities globally. Despite the fact that you will be mostly undertaking your classes on the internet, it is important that you grasp some renowned facts about Stanford. Also, if you will be pursuing a course that requires practical lessons and experiments, you will need to be visiting school sometimes. The school’s main campus is situated between San Jose and San Francisco towards northern Santa Clara Valley. Outside of school, Stanford Uni owns several laboratories, holdings and nature reserves. Typically, the college’s main campus is one the biggest across the United States.

So, you now understand why Stanford is among the best in tertiary learning. With over forty departments distributed across its various graduate academic schools, the institution has one of the most compelling and diverse online learning programs. Online Stanford degree program takes an average of two years for master’s students while undergraduates take between three to five years depending on the course.  The school is also renowned for its highly competent faculties as well as an elite alumni network with the likes of Yahoo, Google, Instagram and Nike founders being among the people the school’s former students. By taking your studies at Stanford you will also be joining the league occupied by seventeen astronauts, 30 billionaires and several congressmen who pioneered the school’s online learning program.

With Stanford’s highly developed modern learning facilities, reputable courses and competent teaching personnel, you can begin enjoying studying from wherever you’re at a very cost friendly rate and as per your schedule. Normally, a student is awarded Stanford online certificate upon completion of a study program. The cost of a certificate is usually included in college credit fees which are usually less than $ 10,000. However, it is important to note that the university can only give you a certificate when you’ve completed the set amount of tuition fees.

There are numerous advantages of pursuing college online classes. Below are a few of them:

  • They are less costly when compared to on-campus study programs.
  • You get to interact with students from all over the world.
  • Classes are highly flexible since you’re the one to decide when you want to study.
  • You’re exposed to a worldly study and market experience.
  • You can work as you pursue your education.
  • It is fun using online learning tools such as video/audio conferencing and chat windows. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

Wow! I love the above information about Stanford Uni. The information is true and reminds me a lot of my college days in this institution. I attended Stanford School of Engineering from 2009 to 2014 for my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In fact, after I graduated I was hired during my first interview. I strongly believe that I got my first job as a result of Stanford’s strong approval by employers and government agencies.   

The success of Stanford online master’s degree programs is definitely founded on the institution excellence in on-campus programs. It is a university that is quite competent in research and innovation especially in professional and graduate studies. In addition, Stanford has made notable innovation in technology and in fact, most of the inventions made by its students are seriously transforming the online learning industry day-by-day.

It is a lot more advantageous to pursue online learning especially if you’re a parent, worker or someone who just wants to study comfortably while going on with life normally. 

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