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Why should I choose schools first federal credit union as my bank?

I recently started my job as a teacher and I would like some help determining the best bank that caters for educators in the American school system. A colleague at my school suggested I use schools first federal credit union, a bank she has conveniently used for years. I am not well versant with the bank but I would like more information to determine the experiences of other teachers from public schools who have used their services. I also need information about the services that they offer and how beneficial they are to teachers in community schools.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 24, 2018

I’ve been a member of schools first federal banking institution for the past five years. This bank is a large credit union offering banking services to mostly educators and families. On my membership in this bank I have only positive feedback since its services are not only convenient but have also helped me work on saving and maintaining a good credit score. I have a busy week and can rarely visit their offices however they are easily reachable through their website and even through their phone number if any help is needed. There are many more reasons why it is among the best banks for you, for instance:

  • Online banking services
    This bank provides services in a technologically advanced manner. This bank offers most of their services online which is an easy and prompt process. By visiting their site you can pay bills, check your account balances, apply for loans make loan payments and even make deposits online. They also have an online platform where you could also make your application as long as you have the necessary requirements.
  • Loan services
    Among its services this bank also offers its clients loans for personal or commercial use like auto loans on cars, trucks and vans. They have a variety of loan rates for their customers to choose from. All their loans are provided at competitive rates that are friendly to their customers. Other loan offers include pay day loans, risk based loans, participation loans, mortgage loans and indirect loans.
  • Savings accounts
    As a teacher working in a community school you may have little time to make a savings plan; however, with federal credit union you can use the regular share savings account which is managed by a team of experienced bankers. They also have other savings account options and automatic deposit accounts whenever clients want the option of making direct deposits during their off time seasons and even for future investment plans. Their share certificates also have low minimum balance requirements
  • Customer service. This bank is reputable for the exceptional services it offers the US school system teachers. Any time their customer care agents are happy to see to the needs of their clients. They are also very prompt in inquiry replies
  • Little or no fee. This bank offers its clients top notch services at absolutely no cost. When services offered are chargeable the fee is reasonably small. This makes it easy for their customers to obtain the services without incurring any expenses

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I am also a proud member of the same bank and sign up for membership to enjoy their contenting services. You could easily use their website to sign up for membership. Just go through the pre-approval process, get their pay off address and confirm their loan rates. This bank offers credit cards to their members upon requirement. They also provide checking services including offer checking accounts, share draft account and free share drafts. They also provide their clients assistance and financial counseling to build a better credit. They also organize financial literacy workshops where members could come to receive financial education. In case of any inquiries related to interest rates, savings and their loan services, you can easily contact their customer help line provided on their site. If you are not so good with numbers their site has a calculator application that helps with loan, credit card debt and savings.

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