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Why Protestantism is linked to increased literacy?

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on February 26, 2018

Because Protestantism was against several Catholic practices, on the one hand ,the people who have to attend Mass - Which was spoken entirely in Latin by the priests and that, of course, ordior the people could not speak or understand - during the Mass, which is made to respond to the prayers of a priest by a short Latin responses or prayers such as "Hail Mary" & "Our Father", but spoken in Latin; so they knew their prayers by repetition, as well as the responses to the priests "Mea Culpa" prayers; but I had no idea what they were saying. The Protestant Religion, was in favor of the religious services are conducted entirely in the vernacular tongue and the Prayer Books that is also written in the vernacular language . But MUCH more important was the belief Protestant, that not only priests should have access to the Bible and be authorized to interpret; but they believed it was the right and duty of ALL Christians to read The Word Of God for themselves - not just resereved to the privileged few. This is the reason why in many European countries & important; - during the same period), the men set out to translate the Bible; in order to make it accessible to all. And perhaps most important of all... This period happened to coincide with the invention of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg. Previously the books had been painstakingly copied by hand - were treasures reserved only for the very rich or were preserved in the interior of the churches and monasteries. . But after printing had been invented - that it was possible to make thousands and thousands of copies of the Bible at a price, even poor farmers can afford. The desire to read the Bible grew at a fantastic rate & because of the new invention of making the reading of the Bible is not only desirable, but in THE FIRST TIME POSSIBLE, ALSO....The reading will spread across Europe like wildfire. Everyone wanted to read ! They knew WHAT they wanted to read and could afford to do so. These were the main factors, why Protestanism played an important role in the configuration of the wheels of the literacy movement.

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