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Why might a neurosurgeon receive a higher wage than a nail technician ? A . there are fewer nail technicians than neurosurgeon . B . there are fewer neurosurgeon than nail technicians . C . nail technicians work for companies with higher profits than neurosurgeons . D . less education is needed for neurosurgeons than nail technicians .

1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on December 3, 2018

Option correct answer is:B. There is less of a neurosurgeon that the nail technicians.Explanation:it Is not easy to be a neurosurgeon. As a surgeon who practices in the treatment of the disease on the neurovascular system of the body, the description of her work is very delicate. A difficulty with the external nerves, spinal cord, spine or brain can instantly terminate the life of a person. If not death, a patient with a neurovascular difficulties could end up failing their standards of operation of the installation or of other fundamental aspects, such as oneself.

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