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Why is there algebra?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on October 21, 2018

Algebra helps us to answer questions in which there is a unknownvalue (not necessarily the bit after '=') or for when there is arange of answers that may be correct for mathematicsematic equation.For example, if you had an equation: 2 + 16 = 18, it is easy tosee that a=1 in this case. You can also use algebra in cases where two equations use the sameletter inside, corresponding to the same value in each, and thiscan be used to solve when there are 2 unknown values. For example: Eqn (1): 2A+3B=17 Eqn (2): 2A-8=6B The values of a and B are unknown, but because it is knownthat both a and B are the same in both equations we can manipulatethem to eliminate one of the unknowns: If you subtract Eqn(2) Eqn (1), the 2A's will cancel, and that would be the left with3B+8=17-6B, if this is rearranged to get all of the B on one sideof the '=' you get 9B=9, and thus know that B=1, this can besubstituted in any equation to find A: 2A+(3x1)=17 2A=14 and therefore: A=7 These are simple examples of how we can use the algebra, this isessentially why we have algebra. . +++ . That does not answer the question, but only gives examples of use. Algebra is the language of mathematics - the collection ofletters and symbols that allow mathematical expressions, equationsand methods to be described in such a way that they can be used tosolve problems, numeric.

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