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Why is the music of the united states considered distinct and unique? because the us is a mix of many cultures and languages because the us has not had centuries for a musical tradition to evolve because the us embraced much of the music of the native americans and the african slaves because the us continues to evolve musically

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on November 25, 2018

The correct answer is - because the united states is a mixture of many cultures and languages.Because the united States is a country where there are people all over the world, met hundreds of different cultures and languages, with them, the music has evolved in a certain unique way. In general, you can see in the united States of the popular music of the elements of the Celtic music which is mostly pop music, country music that evolved separately as the traditional music of the people who live and work in the farms, the Latin of the elements of the large Latino population, as well as the type of music originated from the black population as the blues and the jazz, who were inspired by the harshness of life and of slavery.

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