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Why is memorizing Qur'an so important?

Carlton Burgess

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Alexa Spicer on October 4, 2018

The quran is the God revelation to prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. The Quran is the real God of the word (without a single letter alterations) with the same Arabic language that is still a live language. That is why the Quran is different from other sacred books. The texts of other holy books are not God's true words but the translation of the meanings of God's words with the amendments and additions made effective by many human contributors. That is why memorizing the Qur'an means to memorize the words of God. In addition, the Quran includes all the morals and guides for a Muslim to lead a good life that meets God commands and in the same help from a Muslim to maintain a good character and doing good deeds for his society. Memorizing the Quran is also an important factor that he had Qur'an without single letter change since the start of Quran revelation until the time and they are left without a single letter change, by god, until the Day of Judgment. See the Qur'an related to the questions below for more information.

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