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Why is listening an important skill?

Melissa Norris

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Roger Moore on June 10, 2018

Learning to listen is an important skill. You can improve your listening skills as well as improving any other skill-see the link below for more information. . Listen this is important because you can learn new information through listening. . Listening also includes paying attention to the person speaking, so you may also pick up on body language, gestures, expressions, and other non-verbal clues to help you understand what they are saying. . Listening is also polite, and it helps to get along well with other people. . Listening is a virtue, something that not everyone has. It gives you an insight of other persons thoughts and their behaviour, and that in turn makes it easy to deal with them. Some times just by listening you can help people reason with themselves and deal better with their emotions.And most important of all it gives you another perspective of the people from the problem or the situation. * An old saying tells us that if you are a good a good listener, wherever you go, people will lke you; and after a time, you'll learn something. So that you can understand clearly what the task is a hand.

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