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Why is it important that I take a future career test?

I am in still high school and I have never taken a career finder test. Recently, during a career talk, I heard about a career test for kids and was quite surprised. Why would a middle school child need to know what they want to do in future?

However, most of my classmates have done a career test for teens and they cannot stop talking about it. I honestly do not understand why a future career test is so important. Why are people advised to take a career finder test?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Derrick Little on February 28, 2018

Career finder tests are efficient tools for any one hoping to settle in a good career. Many people do these tests for fun and do not consider the suggestions seriously. However, those that have a scientific backing are very reliable indicators of best career for individuals. When you take these tests, you reap the following benefits.

  1. You will enjoy the job you have chosen. When you love working in a profession you have chosen, you become healthier and more productive. These tests try to match you to careers based on your interests, values and preferences. Some will even show you jobs that you are likely to hate. You can take multiple tests and compare the results.
  2. You feel motivated to perform. Tasks that suit you tend to be interesting. You will not tire doing them. Therefore, whether you are working in your own business or are employed in an organization you performance will be greatly valued. For example if you have leadership qualities, you will be able to take on responsibilities and make decisions on behalf of a team.
  3. You will train in suitable fields. Career assessment for teens is very important because they have their whole life ahead of them. As you are still in high school, these tests would help you chose professions to train for when you start your college applications. Many people have enrolled into a course in college only to realize they do not like it in their third or second year.
  4. You will identify your aptitudes and build on them. Yes, future career tests would help you know your talents, abilities and skills relevant to the job market. Knowing these personal attributes early will help you nurture and grow them. Therefore, once you start job searching, you bar is set way ahead of your peers.
  5. You can identify and work on your weak areas. Everyone has weaknesses. However, it is possible to work on them significantly enough for them to pass unnoticed. This is why parents are encouraged to give their kids career tests. It is never too early to assess yourself.
  6. You will know how to communicate with others effectively. These tests are not only useful for career selection. They can also help you in your social life. This is especially true for personality tests. They are tools for measuring and grouping different traits and temperaments.

Charles McAleara year ago

The importance of career tests for teens cannot be over-emphasized. I didn’t take any test before choosing my current career path and a part of me wishes I did. It is not that I am not happy in my field but I keep thinking of all the options I could have possibly explored.

When you are young, your mind is bright and energetic. There is no challenge that you cannot tackle. Use this opportunity wisely. You can take numerous tests online. However, do not let them confuse or mislead you.

Find a test that is reputable and well known. Unless you are doing this for fun, you want agreeable suggestions. You can note down all possible careers you come up with for later assessment. When you get to your final year in high schools, you will start worrying about which college to apply for and this information will help you.

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