Why is it important for me to enroll in online certificate courses?

I completed my high school studied in 2016. Unfortunately, I did not score good grades that could enable me to get a college admission and  I decided to work at one of the restaurants in town. I still need to keep working while at the same time gain some extra knowledge through taking part-time studies. I want to know why it is beneficial to take online certificate courses. I also need clarification regarding the issue that one can access free online security courses with certificates which can be used for evaluating his or her eligibility for admission into a related associate’s or bachelor’s degree distance course. Lastly, can someone please help understand what free online courses with printable certificates are?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on June 26, 2018

Education has become an extremely important tool in the 21st century. It is the greatest factor that determines what we become and what we can do today and in the future. An online certificate course is a short-term course that equips students and professionals with specific skills and knowledge. Most of these certificate courses are offered by vocational colleges, online educational platforms and universities.  

Beginning your post-secondary education with a certificate program will open many doors of opportunities for you. A good number of employers are looking for people with specialized skills in entrepreneurship, coding, management, construction, design, writing, photography and engineering among many other fields. They are looking for people with knowledge and proficiency in these areas because most graduates nowadays simply go to college to earn degrees, yet they have very little knowledge. Point in case, a few months ago we had a power outage in our estate. My cousin who was a recent electrical and electronic engineering graduate could not decipher where the problem was for an entire day, while it took a field power technician just five minutes to understand that the live wire was leaking power through the neutral line. As you see, great opportunities are awaiting on you after completing your study program.

Millions of people enroll in short online classes every year. Most of these classes are free and when taken consistently it can enable one to enroll in higher level education such as undergraduate degree programs. When you grab this opportunity, after about four years you will be able to use your certificate to seek admission into your dream college. Most importantly, you will be working and as a result, you will not be studying to get a job, but you will be aspiring to be your own boss or perhaps get a promotion. Furthermore, pursuing your certificate from home will allow you to study when you want as well take your test when you’re ready.

A free online security course with certificate is an excellent way of securing admission into a higher learning institution for a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree.  It is particularly very important when your high school grades are not so good. Most top universities such as Michigan, Yale and Ohio State accept students who have fully completed their certificate courses to enroll for an undergraduate degree in a related field.

Therefore, you can take this time and build your career skills through taking a short-term course in security or business studies and then use your credits to apply for consideration long distance courses in your chosen field.

A free online course with printable certificate is the type of study program in which students are awarded a hardcopy certificate at the end of the study program. 

Wilson Hansen7 months ago

An educated society is always prepared to handle any challenge that might arise in life. Educated children can be able to take care of themselves once their parents pass away whereas a country with educated legislators can have great and reasonable leaders who can propel the country to the greatest heights of progress. I really admire the thoughts and facts presented in the above text regarding online certificate courses. They are educative and can serve to open the minds of those who think they can’t accomplish their academic and career aspirations.

The current state of technology enables every person to get what she or he wants. Tech development has made it cheap and simple to disseminate education to learners across all corners of the world.  For the student who scored poorly in his final exams and wants to make a way-out through education, she or he should understand that his/her dreams are very much valid. Online studying is the cheapest, quickest and highly reliable way to climb academic ladders. 

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