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Why is education important in a modern society?

I am currently facing a responsible choice of my future profession. I am an aspiring artist and I picture myself only in this area. Therefore, I do not see the value of education in such a specialty as it will not inspire me, so education is just waste of time. My parents suggest I read some article about education, but I don't understand the advantages of education. Please, explain why education is so important.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on July 17, 2018

Let's try to figure out why education is so important.

The first aspect of your problem is that you missed out the obvious value of art education just for your kind of activity. As you say, you are an aspiring artist, so why do you not obtain a higher education in this direction? Here we have a number of education advantages. Firstly, you will take care of your business professionally. Secondly, you will improve your skills in drawing and you will be able to declare yourself not as a self-taught artist but a full-fledged artist with education. Thirdly, you will be able to work officially as a designer, illustrator or expert in the field of art, and these are well-paid professions. You may have read education articles about such popular professions as a lawyer and economist, therefore you thought that is not for you. I got news for you! There are many popular art universities and academies where your dreams can come true. You can view the information on these resources and choose the best university for yourself.

The second aspect of your problem that I had noticed is the conflict between you and your parents. I understand that they imagine you as a future lawyer or doctor and refuse to listen about your creative impulses. In order to solve this problem, you need to make a plan of your actions, especially how you will get into an art university, and argue that your hobby can turn into a highly paid profession. You can explain to your parents the value of art education, because today virtual illustrators and graphic designers are becoming popular. Dispell long-term myths of your parents about poor artists (to my opinion they think so). Here are a few sites about successful artists in a modern society. You can use them as an argument in your case.

Education is the key to successful life. With the help of education, you can get a decent job and have confidence in your future. Besides career, education helps you to self-develop. Self-development gives you the opportunity to be independent and wise, as well as to be able to make smart decisions.
So don't be afraid to express yourself, get to your goal!  

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