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Why is education important?

Until recently, my son had used to love going to school very much. After noticing his loss of interest, I decided to talk with him and identify what was going wrong. To my surprise, he asked why is education important. I haven’t responded to this question yet as I want to have a concrete answer. Is there anyone willing to talk about the value of eduction? Where can I get an article about education for my son to read? Education has been around for a long time and has been embraced by many people, but what are the advantages of education? A response from an expert or someone who was once in such a situation and got out of it will be highly appreciated.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 3, 2018

I also had a similar case sometime back, but I can tell you it was not so easy to get out of it. However, through counseling and a lot of help from my family and close friends, my son agreed to go back to class. It is surprising that in such an age, some people are still asking why education is important in their lives. In this era of technology, I don’t know what an illiterate person would be doing. Everything we do nowadays from using smartphones to paying parking fees requires education. What role can an uneducated person play in the society given that technology is being used to do even the simplest thing one can imagine? Education can not only help one secure a well-paying job, but it also enables one to interact freely with other people without any difficulty.

Due to technological advancement, some people don’t value education anymore. They believe that computers can do everything a man can do hence there is no need to pursue education. But how true is this? It's agreeable that technology has led to the automation of some jobs making some courses irrelevant. However, surrendering to the notion that technology is the answer to all our needs is wrong. It is important to note that technology is a product of human effort. A man develops technology as a way of finding a solution to a given challenge. Education is therefore vital in helping one find a solution to the ever-increasing list of problems in our society.

There are many places where you can find articles about education for your son. Look for articles covering essential topics about education like its origin and why we need it. Your son’s negative views about education will most likely change after reading materials about its background. In my case, this was the turning point for my son. He learned that since humans became innovative and started to develop machines, the demand for human labor in some areas has reduced drastically whereas it has increased tremendously in other areas.

Education is beneficial in some ways. One important advantage of education is the respects it gives to an educated person. A well-educated person is highly regarded in the society and commands respect from different people irrespective of their age and status. In addition, you can quickly tell the difference between an educated and an illiterate person. By going to school, one gets an opportunity to learn basic habits, a chance that those who choose not to go to school lack. Education also helps one secure a job irrespective of their location. Those without education rarely get employment opportunities.

Eric Batesa year ago

It is so unfortunate that the importance of education has been so highly exaggerated. Some people have fooled us that education is everything yet we know some very successful people in the society, who have not spent so much time in class. One of the main advantages of education that most people talk about is securing a job opportunity. However, a closer look at the society will tell you that education is not everything. We have been made to forget the power of talent in determining your destiny. Think of the many athletes in the society who are living a decent life even without education. What about the many musicians who have nothing else to offer except smooth voices? Besides, technology has made education irrelevant. Everything from basic things like issuing car park tickets to complex activities such as screening people for diseases has been automated. What is the essence of spending so many years in training to do something that a machine can do even better?

Larry Warren8 months ago

If somebody asked me right now why education is important, I’d answer that it’s important because it helps us find a good job in a place that we can choose and ask for a good salary that is usually higher than that of unskilled workers. I’d also say that it’s important as a personal goal. Education makes us knowledgeable people that can perform a good work in their field and be proud of it. I wouldn’t tell a child to read an article about education but I’d tell them to take the professional people around them as an example. 

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