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Why is Australia the best country to pursue your international studies?

Recently, many of my friends have become thrilled about furthering their studies abroad and specifically Australia. I understand there are many countries where I could pursue my studies and even get an internship abroad but I want to know why Australia is getting all the hype. Is it highly recommendable for me to undertake my international studies there? And if so what makes it better than other countries? More so I would like suggestions of the best universities in Australia I could attend if I decide to try the Australian education system?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 10, 2018

Australia is not only a magnificent country but also one oozing with academic prosperity. That is why many students are flocking into the country to achieve academic excellence. There are many countries with good academic programs and Australia is among the best. As a native born and raised in Australia I attended a school with many international students who raved about the benefits of pursuing their studies internationally especially in Australia. There are so many reasons why Australia has managed to win the hearts of many students all over the world. These include:

  • Accredited universities The universities and college institutions in Australia have a good and stable education system therefore many students are opting to study there. Their academic certification is approved globally and this means students have a solid education background to support the career when in search for jobs.
  • Work Experience Australia offers international students with visas that enable them to work in the country as they pursue their education. This enables them to gain work experience and earn some money. Best Australian universities also give their students secure internship programs in Australia during their study period in the country. This not only provides experience but is also beneficial for their resumes.
  • New culture The culture and experience in Australia is different from that in many countries. When students study there they get used to the culture of their new environment and in the process they end up acquiring valuable interpersonal skills which is appealing to their potential employers.
  • International professional expansion Studying and working away from home enables students to cement a professional relationship with other people in their career field. This is a good way to establish a future working relationship with them. It is through industrial experience and volunteer work they undertake in the country.
  • Potential job opportunities Students who extend their stay in Australia after studying to undertake additional programs like internships abroad have a high chance of being retained after their studies. This is why many students prefer studying in Australia where they have potential job opportunities in the future.
  • Low cost of living Many countries could host international students but very few countries could be financially comfortable for students. The cost of living in Australia is fair for students to live and even find accommodation. This will enable them to save more money compared to when they study in their home countries.

Larry Warren2 years ago

I agree and also recommend that Australia is the best country for you to pursue your studies. During my studying years, I attended a school with other numerous students from all over the world. The cost of living was very reasonable especially for the students and even some universities like mine offered new students tips on how to budget their spending in the country. Australia also offers many scholarships opportunities to international students. The scholarships are offered to all students from both the government and the universities in the country. University funding has also helped students attain full free scholarships to study in Australia. As per your request, some of the best universities in Australia with reputable academic excellence you could attend include: University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Sydney and Australian National University.

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