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Why is Africa studied less than Eurasia?

Jessie Thompson

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Timothy Norman on September 11, 2018

first answer: eurasia is historicaly different, throughpopulation settlements and in esoterical and ethnological . second improved answer: If you are wondering about places of intcalstudies then...the sub-Saharan Africa has written historicalrecords to the time before Europeans arrived. In Sub-SaharanAfrica there were no nation-states, and virtually no city-statesgovernments. Most of the people are grouped into tribes thatmaintained their languages, customs and traditions orally.Africa was much less developed and very behind in the language,agriculture, technology and science of Europe And Asia. Thisis similar to the situation in North America And Australia, beforethe arrival of Europeans. Hunter-Gather peoples tended either toevolve in the civilizations that began using increasedmeans of the technology and animal domestication (as in Europe, Asia,the Middle East and parts of Central And South America), or theyremained stagnating (Africa, Australia, North America, AmazonJungles, and the remote control in the South Asian rain forests). Hunter-Gatherpopulations tend to leave very little behind (writings, buildings,wells, walls, roads, aqueducts, etc) to study. Tombs and burialgrounds can provide some clues.

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