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Why has presidential power grown over the past 200 years? A) the president has taken control of the legislative branch. B) the president has taken control of the judicial branch. C) early presidents changed the powers in the constitution. D) the federal government now plays a larger role in many areas.

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on February 12, 2019

Presidential power has grown in the last 200 years, since the federal government plays a more important role in many areas. The president is directed by a direct mandate, which means that it is directly elected by the people. Therefore, knowing that the people have elected him, the President, definitely take good care of those citizens, and will always act in the public interest.For example, the majority of the peasants voted for the presidential power because there was a substantial increase in the agriculture production, which benefits both the economy of the country and the farmers.

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