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Why has groundwater use increased? a. the total amount of freshwater has decreased b. more of the available freshwater is stored in glaciers and icecaps c. governments have banned the use of freshwater in rivers and springs d. the demand for freshwater has increased due to population growth

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on August 7, 2018

the demand for freshwater has increased due to the growth of the population.The demand for water has increased due to the variation in climate due to changes in temperature and precipitation. As the climate becomes warmer, evaporation rates increase, resulting in decreased supply of fresh water. In recent years, changes in life styles and eating habits results in the requirement of a higher consumption of water per capita. The generation and consumption of biofuels, due to the growth of the population has also progressed strongly with a significant impact on water demand.Thus, the use of groundwater has increased significantly.

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