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Why does everyone think Iran is bad country?

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on December 8, 2019

Not everyone thinks that Iran is a bad country, and most of the people who needed to know about Iran have nothing, but the love and the appreciation of his people.However, the government of Iran is very problematic in terms of itsconstitution and their political objectives. The government of Iran has a bad human rights record. Some of the offenses of the government include: . The targeting of religious minorities, especially those of religionsthat Iran does not recognize such as Yazidi, Yarsan, Baha'i, Azali,etc, but, in general, of any faith other than Shiite Islam,including Sunni Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity.It is illegal, for example, to build Sunni mosques in most of the majorIranian cities, apostasy or conversions out of Islam are considereda death penalty offense, and Baha'i are routinely attacked bygovernment-sanctioned thugs. . Iran actively maintains a secret police (VEVAK) that killsdissidents for the regime, especially writers and politicians . Iran also maintains discrimination of women's dress, requiringwomen to wear the chador or hijab, while not equivalentrequirement for men. In addition, since women can't become clergyin in Shia Islam, women are de facto excluded from serving in Irán'snational judiciary, which is composed entirely of clerics. There areinsufficient protections for women who are raped or the vitim of other sexual crimes in Iran. . Iran maintains that homosexual sex acts are death penaltycrimes and routinely executes homosexuals. Transgender individualsare also targeted under homosexuality laws even though they are nothomosexuals. . Iran also represses ethnic minorities such as the Kurds andBalochis who want greater autonomy, if not independence. Iran also has numerous foreign policy aims that pose stabilityproblems for other countries, including: . Supporting Hezbollah and the Assad government, while thoseorganizations continue the killing and torture of innocent Lebanese andSyrians. . Iran has made statements and financial actions which evince anintent to wipe Israel of the map. . Iran is looking for nuclear energy and it is likely that pursuingweapons, both in violation of its international obligations under Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran's constitution also prevents the people effectivelychoosing the policy of the government, giving the non-elect SupremeCouncil of Ayatollahs effective control over which candidates canrun for a political office, as well as the importance of the right of veto over anypolitical policy chosen by the Majlis and President of Iran (theelected branches).

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