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Why does culture establish the standard by which quality of life is measured? a. Cultures are defined by the demographics of their populations. b. Culture establishes the framework be which individuals judge their environment. c. Culture defines the domains of family and health that define quality of life. d. A society’s culture defines its socioeconomic conditions

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1 answer

Dana Keller on March 25, 2018

AnswerCulture sets the framework in which individuals judge their environment.the culture ExplanationCulture is the manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. This involves characteristics of a particular group of people or a community that spans language,religion,social habits and the arts. The culture provides the framework in which individuals judge their environment. That is the core of the principles and ideals upon which a whole community is the Culture provides significant economic and social benefits.So when you're working with people, and build relationships with them, it helps to have a bit of perspective and understanding of their cultures.

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