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Why do we need a study guide?

There is need to study hard, right? How do I know if I am studying books in the right manner? I need to know if there is a way I can be directed as a student to get more from studying. I have been reading my books seriously but I want to know if I have to follow a set study guide, how well I can follow it and the benefits I will get from following the guide. I also want to know how I as a student can manage my time to get the best out of the available study skills book.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 1, 2018

The memory of a student needs to be in good shape if any study guide is to be effectively implemented. Before studying books a student must:

  • Have the desire to learn; without motivation, a student will not be able to learn. This desire will cause you to sacrifice to study skills books at any given time and also make you very responsible about your study. A well propagated study guide will lead to generation of new ideas and methods of learning, more concentration and better time management while studying a book.
  • Seek for ways that you will apply the skills learnt because if you don’t, you will soon forget everything. Studying books is just one way of acquiring knowledge but the best way to ensure the knowledge lasts is by putting it into practice.
  • Set time aside to meditate on skills learnt throughout the week. Examine and know what you did wrong, what made you more successful and think of ways to make the following weeks more productive.

An effective study manual is one which is built with a foundation of good time management. Do not create a study plan that is too restrictive and at the end of it all fail to work making you feel guilty.

This is a simple guideline while managing time:

  • Schedule: Set time and a place to study everyday as this will put you in the right mood for studying.
  • Prioritize: Put down what you intend to do throughout the day and start with the most important task.
  • Arrange your sessions: start with the complicated stuff first so that by the time you are burnt out, only the simple tasks will be remaining.
  • Prepare: Before you pounce on the study mastery books, get everything you need together.
  • Do not get stuck: if there is something you do not understand, skip it, and then come back to it later. Do not skip everything though.
  • Set milestones: give yourself targets and when you achieve them give yourself a reward.
  • Reward yourself: give yourself a treat once in a while, go out for a snack, play your favorite game, and do not let anything distract that time. By doing this, you will be more motivated to reach your targets again and again.
  • Spend time wisely: allocate the tough activities to the early hours of the day and the easier tasks like revision for the evening hours.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I was once a student and just like you have been advised, do not wait for the exam blindly. Make a study guide and stick to it! Nothing is more fulfilling like tackling an exam when you have fully covered the study skills books. Always note down the lecture points instead of copying word for word. Read out the notes as you write them and make note of every point. A summary is a key to effective studying, not copying the entire chapter in the name of studying books. Drawing diagrams connected to the lecture is also another way to make the notes clearer. Draw them, label and color if time allows.

Make the notes in point form using boxes, brackets, arrows or circles. You can also use different colored pens in the various concepts as it will make the points easily noticeable with just a glance.

I can only wish you success but you have to earn it!

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