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Why do we have many online learning platforms?

I do not know if I am the only person who has noted the increased number of learning platforms or not. When I go to the internet looking for any information, I get the advertisements on the best online learning sites. I find the pop outs of online career schools. Sometimes it is annoying when I have limited bundles, and I want to maximize them for my good. I used to know only one distance Education University, but today it is as if every university is offering the online services. I want to know what has caused the increase in online learning platforms.

Timothy Norman

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on June 18, 2018

You have made a good observation. I know that few people anticipated for the same. I have been focusing on the education knowledge and trying to track the trends. It might be shocking to you in the direction we are going; it is unfortunate that we do not have the power to stop the ongoing trends. In my writing, I have always informed the public that we are going in an era where most of the things will be done within our houses. You will not be seeing students or school going children with bags to school. Hard as it may be, that is where we are headed. You can see sense with the availability of increased distance Education Universities. Each university has students enrolled. They are doing degrees, masters, and PhDs. Regular universities are becoming limited to support the need of the growing population of people who need higher education or who want to advance their education at their comfort. A Learner is finding a way to enroll in an online career school because it is efficient. They know the benefits and what they can achieve when they have the freedom to do what they want and find a special time to take their classes. Another reason is the timing. Many individuals prefer to spend the day working or doing business and spend the better part of the night doing studies. Online education allows them to do anything at their convenience. It is the reason why you note the increasing number of learning platforms online. The increase is because of the increased population of students looking for the service. Institutions ensure that they provide alternative avenues for their students lest they enroll in other institutions. I have seen many institutions develop the online platforms because they want students who come from far to learn online or those who wish to change the program and learn online. The need has led to the development of best learning sites online that bring together the institutions that have online services and provide relevant information for the development of students' education. They are essential in online learning, and many students depend on them. Even students who are in regular universities are finding them the best regarding providing relevant educational material. We cannot also deny that the development of learning platforms is because of technology. Improved technology has given us an opportunity of experiencing what we would not have experienced. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I’m glad that online learning platforms have increased. I was surprised to see famous universities join the digital world by offering some of their courses online. But I understand that they just try to adapt themselves to this new world others. We can’t deny the fact that technology is a normal part of our modern lives. I think that online education has opened the doors of education to many people that live far away from education centers and couldn’t follow their studies because of that. Now the best online learning sites offer courses on many subjects for free.


Roger Moorea year ago

If there is anything that I want to appreciate more in the shift of education it is the online learning platform. Many people have different reactions because of how they have experienced the platform. I am happy that I was able to improve my performance because of the same. I use to spend time in the library looking for books and then spend more hours looking for the relevant information to use in my assignments. When I knew of the platforms, learning became comfortable it was possible to get the right information from the volume of books by the click of a button. Looking for information was simplified. Depending on the learning platforms to find proper information without much struggle helped me to achieve my educational goals. I can encourage anyone who is finding it difficult to study to try using the platforms. You get good educational material that will give you an added advantage in your studies; I have also known why education is shifting to the internet education. I can recommend anyone consider it. It is more efficient. 

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