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Why do the native Americans hate the dutch?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on February 8, 2019

A general statement, such as "Native Americans hate the Dutch" is just plain silly. Each tribe is different, with different historical relations to the European powers that colonized this continent. The Dutch intrusion in North America was lower in the best in comparison with other European powers such as great Britain, Spain and France. My tribe, the Cherokees, had some kind of contact with Dutch traders, enough so that we have a transliteration of the name for them in our language (Da-ji), which has become a popular name among our men. One of our great war chiefs was called Ta-chee, translated into Dutch, and the name appears often in the historical records, such as the name of a man. That does not sound like one of the people who hate the Dutch. Maybe some tribes have negative histories with the Dutch, but their odds of no Indian people hate any other race or group, that is not only how the American Indians think.

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