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Why do some people opt to enroll in online schools?

Recently, I have noticed that more and more students are enrolling in free online high school programs. Since I only have basic information about online schools I would like to know more about them. I would like to know how they operate and if their virtual high school education is the same as that offered by traditional schools. I also need to know why students choose to get schooled at online institutions, whether it is reliable and if this system is credible and approved by the state as a legit education system.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 10, 2018

Personally as a student who completed high school undergoing online schooling I can affirm this system is 100% a credible education system approved by the state since after my completion I was awarded a credible high school diploma. I cannot speak for all students but everyone has their reasons for enrolling into this education program and with the high rate of students joining you can tell that this program is highly convenient not only to the student but also their parents. It also has all courses offered in typical schools and others that you cannot access in other schools.

At first I was also unfamiliar and skeptical about the program but I did my research and discovered the flexibility of this school program; when you are getting schooled online both the parent and the student have the freedom to create the schedule that fits the student best. This means that students with other interests like athletics and internship programs can pursue their interests while consistently going through their education. As a student who was in and out of hospitals because of my medical condition, the flexibility of this system enabled me to complete high school just like any regular student.

Other reasons for joining this program include some parents having jobs that require them to keep on relocating from time to time. This process is cumbersome when it comes to changing schools for children which disrupts their learning process. But this education system enables them to pursue high school learning virtually from anywhere as long as there is the internet connection. This program is also well rounded with both offline and online courses so students don’t necessarily have to be glued to the computer for all lessons. Students can also undertake courses for extra credit like coursework and projects.

This program gives the parents an opportunity to have more involvement in the learning process of their children. The parents interested in monitoring the education of their kids can easily do so by contacting the teachers through email or over the phone in case of any inquiries or concerns on the progress. The positive side of this system is that some of these programs have a public school  system where parents do not have any tuition expenses since the students attend the online high school for free.

Kurt Price2 years ago

I agree that the online schooling program is a credible education system with a curriculum certified by the state that keeps students in school during normal school seasons. The education system of online institutions is comprehensive and legitimized by the state. These schools meet all the regulatory requirements of educational establishments. The teachers there are competent and certified by the board of teachers in the state. The students are subjected to tests, exams, homework and coursework to test their capabilities just like at ordinary schools. They also post materials on their school websites for students like eBooks, blogs and even videos. With two children undergoing this program, I have seen amazing results. Each of their individualized education needs is met. I think that is also another reason parents enroll their children in this program.

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