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Why do people who participate in marathons tend to have smaller muscles? a. Lifting weights provides no benefits for them. b. Muscle endurance is more important for them than muscle strength. c. Continuous running burns glucose and fat. d. They participate in a sport more suited to their body type.

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on November 9, 2018

b. The muscle endurance is more important for them than muscle strength.The resistance and the strengthThese two components of different sources of exercise routines in the fitness industry. Each person can dominant develop either one of the personality traits and not both. Some runners are born with the muscular endurance, while body builders do not have this in their genetic material. Improvements in both, it may be possible through a suitable training regime and the outcome of each affects the other. One can not simply have the muscle strength without first developing the muscular endurance. In a few words, you can not lift a 100 lb bar if you are not able to lift a 20 lb bar repeatedly.

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