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Why do nations form alliances? Please give examples of different kinds of alliances and explain their purposes, like the NATO trade alliance. This is an essay. Please write at least 6 sentences. __________________________________________________________

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 6, 2018

Nations form alliances to achieve objectives that otherwise would not be possible. For example, NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a coalition of countries in North America and Europe, according to defend each other in case of attack by a third party. This is clearly beneficial, because this intergovernmental support both makes an attack less likely, and if it occurs, easier to handle. Another example is the NAFTA, or the north American Free Trade Agreement. Shared between Canada, USA and Mexico, this alliance eradicated the barriers to trade within these countries. Another beneficial alliance, this agreement increases the international trade due to their low costs and hence improves the international economy.

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