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Why do I need a language tutor?

Why is it that my child is very bright and can answer any question orally, but when it comes to examination, he always underperforms? How can I help him to be able to express himself clearly in writing? How come I have the qualifications but each time I write an application letter, I do not get an invitation to an interview? Why do I face difficulties when expressing myself through writing? I want to understand, why my juniors laugh at me each time I write an office memo. Is this a sign that I need the help of a language tutor? What are the tutoring prices so that I can consult an English writing tutor?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 5, 2018

Learning how to write in English is vital if one wants to succeed whether in school or life after schooling. This is because all the examination papers are set using the English language and for you to answer the questions, you must know how to express yourself in English.

The English language is among the languages that are officially recognized in the UN. Many other nations as well have English as the official language too. This is the reason why writing good English should be a primary consideration for every individual.

A language teacher will help one achieve the following:

  • One is able to express himself with more boldness, skill, and charm in his writing. A child will be able to revise, organize, compose and edit his writing assignment.
  • With more practice, the student will be able to handle larger assignments as a result of increased confidence.
  • An English writing teacher will be able to train a student to have fun while writing. This is achieved through involving the students in creative writing.
  • An English language teacher is able to prepare the student for the oncoming career life outside of school. He will be able to write good resumes and application letters in his search for a better life.

The English language could be the only key that will open the door to your dream career and the tutoring fees invested in the tutor will be peanuts compared to the gains afterward.

Your vocabulary will be increased as you continue learning, and not just knowing, but learning how to use the vocabularies in the right way. Your spelling will also be perfect and with this it will be easy to express yourself in written English.

As the tutor continues working with you through the journey of excelling in English, it is important to keep practicing what you have been taught. You will only know you are good at something if you can do it on your own.

Give yourself targets each day and note your progress. For students always remember that what you write is the tutor’s window to know what you are thinking. Perfect the art therefore and your grades will go up.

Writing English is an art that you can perfect through practicing what the English tutors say. Read your work aloud when you can so that you can pick any grammatical errors and correct before submitting your work for correction. With this practiced every day, you will soon be proud of what your writing will be real soon.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Before I start correcting any paper my students submit, what I look out for is the way the student has presented the work. The first impression is the handwriting of that particular student. As a language tutor, this is my secret, a student who has a good handwriting and neatly arranged her work is likely to draw my attention, and I will be interested to read more. I will, however, be reluctant to read a paper whose handwriting is barely legible. On this note, learn to write in a legible way even as you work to make your grammar better. Do not let the tutoring fee that has been paid to see you improve go to waste out of a poor handwriting. Remember great writing is the key to many areas of your life some of them being, passing your exams, writing an application letter for that job you dream of, and much more that will need your own writing. Do not let yourself down.

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