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Why do firefighter volunteers?

Carlton Burgess

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Ross Pratt on March 1, 2018

Some people do it to get the training and experience they need to continue volunteering for a career with a paid department.Some people just want to help in their community. If no one is willing to be a volunteer, no one is there to help in the community, when it is necessary. Some of the other reasons I've often heard of candidatesthrough the years, in no particular order, are the following: . To learn new skills. . To fulfill a family tradition (mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, afirefighter). . The interest of public safety as a potential career field. . To be part of a team. . Someone in the D. F. spoke with them, and they were so excitedabout it that sounded pretty neat. . For more excitement and experiences. . To develop a future career/build resume. . To pursue firefighting as a career field.

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